Figuring Out Gold Investments In The 21st Century

If you are looking to make a solid investment decision in the 21st century, gold is one of the best options for you. Investing in gold nowadays is just as viable as in the past. In fact, it might even be a safer investment opportunity now that the global economy is as volatile as ever. Below, we will be going over some of the top reasons to invest in gold in the 21st century with the Gold Money Shop UK.

Reasons To Invest In Gold:

1. Mitigate Risk.

One of the main reasons you are going to want to invest in gold is to mitigate risk. You want to mitigate as much risk as possible with something like gold because it is a physical type of currency that you can hold or store in the event of a crisis. If something were to happen to the bankings system, you will have the ability to liquidate your gold whenever you need to which is going to help reduce the overall risk you take with the investment.

2. Stable.

Another good reason to consider investing in gold is that it happens to be a very stable investment. Unlike a lot of currencies, gold is not regulated by a central bank and it is not subject to inflation or government changes. Because of this, it is one of the most stable investments you can make. When you invest in gold, you know that you are likely going to retain the value of the gold for years and years.

3. Insurance.

One of the main reasons to invest in something like gold is because it can be a great insurance policy for those that are looking to have leverage with their assets. You need to have something that is not subject to the fluctuations and inflation like currency is. By investing in gold, you will be able to turn to the gold in the event you need to liquidate and use it. Nevertheless, we always recommend that investors are keep an eye on the gold price today.

Overall, there are a lot of reasons why gold remains as viable as ever in the 21st century. It happens to retain value much better than a lot of other investments, it is deemed as a less risky option, and it can be used in the event of a crisis where you might not be able to access your funds or even if your money were to disappear overnight. It is a great option for those that are looking for a relatively low-risk investment.

How to Secure a New Home Construction Loan?





A new home construction loan is a financing arrangement that can enable you put up a home in less than a year with money obtained from a financial institution such as a bank. It’s reflective of the time required to put up the home, and the period usually ranges from 6- 12 months. Once your construction loan is secured, the builder will get paid by your lender after completion of each work stage. Loan repayment officially starts once construction comes to an end.


As a prospective home owner, you can choose to combine the construction loan with your standard mortgage plan in an arrangement popularly known as construction to permanent package. Consequently, you won’t necessarily have to refinance when construction ends and endure two separate closings.


How does a new home construction loan work?


Typically, the builder calculates the amount of money required to construct your home and segments projected costs into work stages.


Your builder will get compensated by the financier after each work interval once they’ve independently established completion of the designated work.


What you get upon applying for a new home construction loan


1.100% of construction costs if you already own the land.


2. Interest is paid on drawn amount only.


3. Up to eighty percent for buying and building with payback period of up to twenty years.


4. 9-month or 12-month moratorium during the process of construction. Repayment starts immediately thereafter.


5. Disbursement in four phases, twenty five percent of the amounts at a time. This is subject to regular reports by relationship manager and architect’s certificate.


6. Stage valuations are carried out throughout the home construction process.


7. Building plans must be duly approved.


8. Valuation fees for pre-construction and post-construction apply.


9. Bill of Quantities must be prepared by an independent and credible Quantity Surveyor.


10. Site must be located in an urban area and intended for strict residential use.


11. Fixed price contract for large amounts.


When do you start paying?


You’ll be required to pay interest on money drawn out every month. You’ll start repaying the lender for bulk costs upon completion of the construction project.


If it’s financed by the builder, the construction loan becomes the responsibility of the builder. As a result, you won’t have to make any payments until the construction comes to an end.


What are the steps involved in securing a construction loan?


1. Find a good agent


If you work with an agent who’s not associated with the builder in any way, it gives you extra security and expert eyes that will help you avoid problems thereafter.


2. Check your credit score


It’s very important to critically examine your credit score. Get checked by credible credit bureaus and obtain your FICO score from one or two of the credit bureaus.


3. Prepare financial documents


Ensure that you have detailed documentation of all your financial transactions, including monthly or annual income, 401k finances, liabilities and assets.


4. Obtain pre-approval


When you have all documents ready, it’s time to establish how much the financier can give you by getting pre-approval. Remember that you’ll require financing for construction costs and mortgage as well. Roll them together in a construction to permanent package.


5. Find the right builder


Consult friends, family, neighbours and colleagues and ask them to recommend a list of good builders. You can also conduct online research by reading reviews.


Find the most suitable builder who has already built a reputation of completing construction projects within budget, according to specification and on time.


When you find the right builder, follow the steps outlined below:


6. Purchase land (if you had not bought a piece of land yet)


7. Ask the builder to prepare a comprehensive construction plan. It should contain all the relevant dates and required signatures.


8. Apply for a new home construction loan


9. Submit your application for a mortgage


10. Start paying interest

Why It’s Better to Buy Gold and Silver Than Any Other investment Today


The online revolution has made it much easier to purchase just about anything consumers can imagine. This includes precious metals. When compared to brick and mortar retail stores, the online retailers do not have a high cost of overhead or a limited number of clients able to reach them that keeps the costs reduced.

When purchasing buying silver and gold online, you must expect to pay only a few dollars over spot for the rounds and bars rather than potentially more than five dollars over asked by the physical retailers. Online retailers can also provide you a greater range of high quality products as they’re not limited to physical locations. Plus, online dealers don’t react to fluctuations in the price of the metals the way store dealers, which keep the online costs much constant.

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Why Durham Precious Metals is a Better Place than Other Physical and Online Retailers?

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When compared to other retailers, they have a variety of precious metals that is worthy of your investment. Whether you want to invest in gold or silver only or both, Durham Precious Metals has everything you need. So, if you don’t want to waste your time and money on other retailers, then don’t hesitate to buy at DPM. You deserve nothing but the highest possible level of satisfaction. Here is their Facebook Page.

With the easy to use website of Durham Precious Metals, buying silver and gold is never an inconvenience. The only thing you should do is to pick the item you want to purchase and make your payment. There are several payment methods accepted at DPM. Depending on your preferences, choose the payment method that will offer you the most personal convenience.

Branding is Key

As I’ve written before, “Brand” and “Branding” are words tossed around in a variety of ways.  For small and mid-market companies, the vast majority of what’s thrown around about branding is crap.

I’d like to highlight the portion that isn’t.  To begin that journey, I ask:  Do you really understand what your brand is, and the power behind it?

I’m always looking for new ways to help owners and executives of growing SME’s understand that, and recently I came across a branding study designed to guage the power of a brand.  I’m a big fan of Marty Neumeier, and since his firm was behind the study, I looked at it closely.

The Brand Impact Study highlights four important attributes to determine a brands power.  These four attributes are valuable for any executive looking to expand sales, margins or both.  They are:


  • Do the right people know who you are?
  • Do they have a positive, meaningful impression of your business?


  • Do they consider your business relevant?
  • Do your prospects position you as a problem solver, or merely a solutions provider?
  • Do they view you as someone to engage with while they’re figuring things out, or after they’re ready to issue an RFP?


  • Does your target audience understand your value proposition?
  • Do they acknowledge, understand and value the difference your bring to the market?

Purchase Intent

  • Do your prospects understand your impact?
  • Do they understand, and can they articulate the consequence/cost of not doing business with you?

Strength in these four areas – with the right prospects/customers – is the definition of a powerful brand (even if most people don’t know who you are).  Keeping these four components at the top of your mind when developing your marketing and brand strategy will go a long way to accelerating your growth and protecting your margins.